Map Testing Information

Check out this Guide to understand Map Testing and RIT score.

Where to Find Low Cost/Free/Loaned Computers

The City of Portland has compiled a list of resources available to families with children in school.

French Grammar

1000 french vocabulary words – audio, video and photos to help you and your kids memorize common french vocabulary

Animals! – audio, video and photos to help you and your kids memorize animals in french

Verbes les plus fréquents de la langue française – Common french verbs and their conjugations

Numbers – a full explanation of how numbers are spelled in french

Intro to French Verb Conjugations – a slide presentation by Dory Hobbs for Le Monde Parents

French Story Videos

The following are stories from around the world translated in french with read along french subtitles:

Le petit pianiste – The Little Pianist

Le murmure des palmes – The Whispering Palms

Un éléphant dans la ville – Rosa Goes to the City

Le premier puits – The First Well

Les lutins et la cordonnier –  The Elves and the Shoemaker

La flute de Tortue – The Turtle’s Flute

Les quatre amis – The Four Friends

Le petit bout dans la chaussure – The Boo in the Shoe

Le plus beau des tresors – The Greatest Treasure

Symbiose – Zippy the Zebra

Pierrot le seau – Tucket the Bucket

About Singapore Math

Singapore Math Demystified – What it is and why it’s different

Singapore Math Method – NPR’s Science Friday – audio discussion

Singapore Math Presentation for Le Monde Parents

Singapore Math en français

Why use Singapore Math, explained in French:

A quick overview of Singapore Math in French:

Let’s Do Math

Ten Frames Game – builds foundational understanding of all the ways to get to 10, establishes ground work for mental math.

Sheppard Software – More math games than you can count on both hands and toes!!  Early math to pre-algebra.

Singapore Math Games – A site run by an elementary school math teacher, passionate about Singapore Math.  Lots of fun stuff!

Khan Academy Arithmetic and pre-algebra – a world class education at your fingertips!  The provided link is only for the stated section…  there’s lots more on the Khan Academy!

English Language Arts

Star Fall phonetics and reading for grades K-2.  Fun and interactive!