Discussion Forum

Approved: August 1st, 2014

Discussion Forum Code of Conduct


Le Monde Parents, hereinafter (“LMP”), has and may set up mailing list, forums, or message boards (hereinafter “forum”) to allow Le Monde French Immersion Public Charter School families to communicate with others in our community. The forum can be used to make announcements and communicate with the forum community at large. The forum, however, is not intended for illegal, defamatory, harassing, or other inappropriate messages or content.

The forum may be moderated to ensure that our online community is constructive and beneficial to as many Le Monde French Immersion Public Charter School families as possible. The forum moderators do not intend to interfere with the forum’s ongoing dialogue, other than to help maintain compliance with the posting standards listed here. The forum moderator shall be the LMP Council.

Please abide by a few rules to help make the forum a positive experience for everybody. Subscribing or posting a message on the forum constitutes your agreement to adhere to the LMP’s rules and policies.

Posting Rules
  1. Be nice, and don’t post anything illegal.
    • Civility and Respect. The usual rules of civility and courtesy in communication should be followed by members posting to the forum. Make an extra effort to treat others with the respect you would like to receive, even if you feel they are treating you unfairly. Remember, it’s fine to disagree with a poster or to have a difference of opinion, but keep your responses respectful and polite. If you have something negative or critical to say to someone, email them privately, off the forum. If you feel someone is behaving inappropriately, contact the LMP Council (council@lemondeparents.org).
    • Intolerable Conduct. Do not post anything that is illegal, harassing, libelous, defamatory, abusive, threatening, harmful, vulgar, obscene, profane, pornographic, racially offensive, intentionally or recklessly inaccurate, or otherwise objectionable. Do not post anything that encourages conduct that could constitute a criminal offense, give rise to civil liability or otherwise violate any applicable local, state, national or international law or regulation.
    • No hostility or insults. Do not post messages that are deliberately hostile and insulting to other users. For example, do not use the forum to trade insults with another person on the forum. It affects the morale of other forum users who are not a party to your personal dispute. If a posting offends you, take the matter up with the poster directly off the forum, or bring it to the attention of the LMP Council (council@lemondeparents.org).
    • Copyright Infringement. Copyright infringement is prohibited. Be careful.
  2. Off-the-forum privacy. Do not post off-the-forum emails from other parties without their permission.
  3. Be constructive. Post messages that are beneficial to Le Monde French Immersion Public Charter School, the LMP, and the forum community. Do not post anything inconsistent with the educational purposes of Le Monde French Immersion Public Charter School. Among other things, intentionally or recklessly inaccurate allegations about the school or any of its stakeholders are considered inconsistent with the educational purposes (e.g., spreading rumors).
  4. Check the FAQs and Resources List first. Before posting to the forum, please consult or be familiar with the FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions) and Resource List which explain where to go for different issues. You can access Le Monde French Immersion Public Charter School’s FAQs and Resource List using this link and clicking on Parent Resources: lemondeimmersion.org LMP’s FAQs and Resource List are on our website at lemondeparents.org
  5. Don’t spam your community. No spam or repeated shameless promotions.

The LMP Council may remove or suspend your forum privileges if the LMP Council, pursuant to LMP Council’s standing rules for reaching such decisions, determines you are violating the Posting Rules and that removal or suspension is the appropriate recourse.

The LMP Council will post a notice of changes to this document that have been approved by the LMP, if any. Before posting to the forum, however, you are responsible for checking the LMP website for the most recent version of the Code of Conduct.


Although the forum may be moderated from time to time, it is not moderated on a 24 hour basis. If you believe someone’s post violates the Posting Rules, please send an e-mail to the LMP Council (council@lemondeparents.org) identifying the post and the nature of the problem. Someone from the LMP Council will contact you and potentially the person(s) purportedly violating the Posting Rules.


Although this section does not contain posting rules for the forum, it contains guidelines for posting messages that would make the forum a nice place.

  1. No off-topic messages. Keep posts relevant to the Le Monde French Immersion Public Charter School community.
  2. Do not send automated out-of-office or vacation messages.
  3. Avoid sending large attachments. If you want the community to look at a large document upload it somewhere and send a link to it.
  4. Do not cross-post. Do not post emails that are copied to someone off the forum because their reply will not post to the forum. Remember, only subscribers to the forum get to send messages to the forum. Any reply-all to cross-posted messages will not necessarily make it to the forum.
  5. Long threads
    • make sure the subject line of the message is still current and accurate. If not, change it.
    • trim unnecessary content that is no longer relevant.
  6. Before posting news and articles, check to make sure they are from legitimate sources to avoid spreading inaccurate information or internet hoaxes.
  7. Avoid “me too” posts. Such posts should be sent directly to the original poster not the list. For example, a call to participate in a particular activity.
  8. Above all, use common sense.

Discussion Forum Signup

If you want to keep up with Le Monde Parents activities, you do not need to join the discussion forum because the announcements will keep you updated. The discussion forum is moderated by the Le Monde Parents Council in accordance with the above Forum Code of Conduct. Since the discussion forum is administered through Groups.Google.com, before providing your information, you should become familiar with Google’s Privacy Policy, which is posted at Google.com/intl/en/policies/privacy/

  1. First, subscribe to our announcements from the Council.
  2. Click on the Discussion Forum Signup link.
  3. Click on “Subscribe to this group”.
  4. Enter your email address, answer the CAPTCHA, and click “Subscribe”.
  5. Check your email. In the email with the subject, “Confirm your subscription”, click on the “Join this group” link. (Tip: if you can’t find the email, check your SPAM or Junk folder)
  6. Wait patiently for your subscription to be approved. Incoming Kindergarten families will be approved in September, and over the summer, they will be updated about relevant Le Monde Parents activities via our announcements.

Change email Update Frequency

By default, discussion forum updates are not emailed to you—go to the Discussion Forum to read updates. This setting can be changed.

  1. Click on Discussion Forum.
  2. Click on “Membership and email settings” as shown below.
  3. Click on your preferred email update frequency as shown below.step3