Le Monde’s facilities are not large enough to offer sports, but that doesn’t mean our kids can’t be on a sports team together!

Portland Parks and Recreation offers two leagues, Volleyball & Basketball.

Parents can form teams with classmates to create a “school” team. Each team will need to recruit members and find a volunteer parent coach. It does take effort, but the effort is well worth it! Classmates (sometimes from multiple grades) get to know each other better and have a blast playing together. Parents who coach have really enjoyed it. Everyone has so much fun learning and growing together. It really is an amazing experience!

VOLLEYBALLVolleyball has two seasons. Team registration starts in August (Fall season) or March (Spring season). Games start in September (Fall season) or April (Spring season). Grades 4-12. Teams can be coed.

BASKETBALLGoldenball League. Team registration starts in October. Games start in January. Grades 3-12.

If there aren’t enough kids to form a full team, you can reach out to two grades to make one team. There is also individual registration through PPR that may allow kids to request to be put on the same team.

SOCCERPortland Youth Soccer Association oversees the neighborhood rec leagues. Rec soccer clubs are not boundary specific so kids could request to all be on one team, or join the club closest to home, whatever works for your family. Player registration starts in Summer for the Fall season and Winter for the Spring season. Grades 1-8.

Middle School Sports – Portland Interscholastic League

Although PPR offers leagues all the way through high school, all middle school aged kids are able to join their local middle school sports teams based on your address. The sports programs for all middle schools are run by the Portland Interscholastic League (PIL). Each high school cluster has one team for all the feeder middle schools. This is a great opportunity for your child to meet kids that will go to same high school.

The sports offered through PIL are:

  • Fall – Cross Country, Football, Volleyball,
  • Winter – Boys & Girls Basketball, Wrestling
  • Spring – Track & Field

Do you have questions or know about more leagues that we can add to this list?

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