Agenda for the January LMPA Meeting

Wednesday, January 16, 2019


7007 SW 4th Ave Portland OR 97219

Le Monde Parents’ Purpose and Mission

The purpose of the Association is to foster a positive spirit within the Le Monde community of parents, students, and teachers/staff as well as to assist the school in its efforts to provide the best educational opportunities and assistance to the students.

Children are welcome.

Meeting Agenda

Social Time from 6:30-7pm

Begin Meeting at 7pm   

  1. Introductions (5min)
  2. Discussion of upcoming events and volunteer opportunities (25min)
    • Grand Central Bowl (Friday, Feb 15, early release day)
    • Science Fair (April TBD)
    • BBQ (Possible year end staff appreciation BBQ)
    • La Fete (Saturday, May 18)
      • PA is committing to volunteering at the event
  3. Community Events Update (10min)
  4. Looking for parents to get the word out about the Weekly Snack Schedule (5min)
  5. Review of film, “Screenagers” and how parents can manage screen time for our kids. (15min)

Meet adjourns at 8pm


Minutes from Parents Meeting

November 28, 2018  

Winter Dance, Dec. 1st

Winter Dance signup here.

Craft table needs a volunteer – Jo Anne

Sweets table – Eva, Jen Moore

Balloon pop – prize inside, raffle ticket inside. Balloons released, pop them, keep the prize.

Basketball court – Chris Miller

Uniform exchange – includes a winter clothing and fancy dress exchange

Popcorn machine – Chris S

We need people to come early for Set-up

Grand Central Bowl, Feb. 15th

Looking for someone to run this event. Please email Jen at if you’d like to help.

$15/individual ticket, $30/family ticket

Sign up sheet – indicate cheese or pepperoni

Order pizza early

Weekly staff snacks – How can we advertise this? We don’t think all families know about it and there is some confusion as to what to bring. Need a couple people to post sign-up sheet after school and one hanging at each location. Get written/verbal permission from school. More specific in details about what snacks to bring.

Signups for weekly snacks: Burnside, Division

La Fete – Saturday, May 18th – Summer Camp theme

Lagunitas Rec room, Broadway in between NE 2nd and 3rd.

Same ticket price likely, $75/ticket, $50/ticket for teachers. Price not likely to change.

Can we lift the limit value of the online auction?

There is only a class art project, not individuals

La Foire group will be assigned a task

PA will be assigned a task

Need to up the attendance

Petite Fete might be coming back for $20 – $25. AFCA will offer the childcare for this.

Both in-person and online way to purchase tickets

Procurement – everyone can help – wine tastings, work out places, grocery stores, any season ticket holders, host a party

Screenagers – Jan. 8th at Clinton theater, 7pm – 8:30pm


Documentary about the effects of screens on children.

See the trailer and more information here.

Ran out of time to hold discussion on current ways parents can help limit or guide children’s screen time.

Map testing

Adaptive test, adapts questions being asked based on how child is answering questions. ie. If child is getting many questions correct, the test will adapt to start asking harder questions to assess the child’s level.

No time limit while testing which helps kids not feel test anxiety

The results of the test are immediate. Helps teachers know where their students are at and helps them develop their lesson plans.

Find out more information here.

SOLVE, Eastside Cleanup

Successful event with SOLVE!

On Saturday, September 29th families picked up litter with SOLVE and did graffiti abatement with the City of Portland Graffiti Abatement team.

This was a statewide event with 139 project sites focusing on beaches and riversides. Our group met at a site on the Central Eastside of Portland and volunteered with other from around the city to clean up the riverfront.  All in all, there were 64 adults and 37 youth volunteering that day.
  • Approximately 17,000 cigarette butts recycled
  • 560 pounds of trash removed
Thank you so much for volunteering and making our city a better place to be!

Minutes for 2018-09-19


Auburn Wise – Chair

Jen Stack – Vice Chair

Christy Trotter – Secretary

Jo Anne Rodgers – Community Outreach Volunteer Coordinator

Alyssa Chase Stewart – Script & Chinook Book Fundraising

Eva Robinson – La Foire Coordinator

Heather Velonis

Susan Bickerstaff

Nicole Suttner

Stephanie Sherman

Heidi Baker

Tracey Turkoly

Audra Duran

Kaley Charlet

Evangel Bybee

Carolyn Piszczek

Jeff Piszczek



We talked about some school Sponsored Activities:

Saturday, Oct 27th – La Foire à Faire. Craft fair, carnival and a Trunk or Treat 11-2pm. Parents and kids can sign up to have a booth.

Questions? Contact Eva:


December 1st – Winter Family Dance

February 22nd – Winter Spectacle

April 6th – International Day

May 18th – La Fete

June 15th – Spring Spectacle

June 21st – Games Day


Parent Association Activities:

April 24th – Science Fair

April 29-May 3rd– Staff Appreciation Week

Feb 15th – Grand Central Bowling


Upcoming Le Monde Parents Community Outreach Volunteer Events this year:

-Saturday September 29th 9am-12pm Complimentary Coffee and Lunch provided

Focus: Environment, Local

Event: SOLVE -Central Eastside Cleanup-

Ages: Open to all ages with parent volunteer

Spots Available: Over 100


-Friday November 17th 5:30pm-7pm

Focus: Homelessness, Food

Event: Free Hot Soup! – Serving free hot soup to those who need it

Ages: Open to all ages with a parent volunteer

Spots available: 40


-Saturday December 8th 1pm-3:30pm

Focus: Food

Event: Oregon Food Bank, Sorting food and packages

Ages: Open to all ages with parent volunteer

Spots available: 85


-Saturday February 2nd Two Sessions available: 9:30am-11am and 12pm-1:30pm

Focus: Education, Book Cleanup/Donations

Event: Children’s Book Bank – Book Clean Up/Repair of donated books & Possible Book Drive

Spots available: 20 per session, total of 40


Two More events being scheduled for 2019: Humane Society Bake and toy making, and Friends of Trees.

Questions, ideas? Contact Jo Anne: if there are any groups we should be working with!


The Le Monde Parent Association Website is and there you can sign up for the email list, and put contact information and opt into the Family Directory. If you have new younger kids, you’ll have to add them also if you want them to be listed with their class. The Facebook group Le Monde Families, is not run by or affiliated with Le Monde Parents, but it is a nice way to connect with other families at the school. Le Monde Parents has a page and does post updates onto the Le Monde Families FB page.


First Friday Coffee, is being held at Oui Press on Hawthorne (1740 SE Hawthorne) right after drop off on the first Friday of every month. It is a time of getting to know other parents and discuss things that are currently happening in a relaxed environment.

Questions? Contact Jen,


Talked about Class Parents (Maybe talk to Shouka to get Teachers on the same page and understand what a class parent is), also a clarification about Teachers Sending out Party type invites, to the class and passing information on to all the students in the class.


We talked about Drop off and Pick up at both locations. Clarified the entrance and exit procedures. At Neri Enter the lot on Tamerac and Exit on 16th to help prevent accidents and especially prevent hurting kids as they run out of the building near the exit on 16th and there being no visibility around the corner if you enter from it instead of exit like you’re supposed to. Also the school was looking at getting exit only sign for the 16th entrance. At the Burnside Location you need to wait till 3:15 to enter Burnside Parking Lot, and they are looking for Parent Volunteers for Drop off Line in the Morning to help facilitate getting the kids out of the cars and into the school in the mornings


Uniform Exchange Run by Auburn is planned to be once a month at both locations, but if there is need in between exchanges for something specific if you contact Auburn she will go through the cloths to find the needed pieces.

Questions? Contact Auburn,


Discussion on starting to provide Teachers/school employees with snacks regularly. We need to set up a schedule for the year to provide, nuts, fruits, and especially coffee!

Questions? Contact Jen,


Activities that would like to start or see planned by the Parent Association.

-Talent Show – We would love to see a Talent Show for the kids to participate. Last year we tried to start it up but couldn’t put all the pieces together

-Year Book Fundraiser looking at the possibility of a Fundraiser so no kid is left without a yearbook (Or at least 1 per family) due to the cost.

-Bowling – We’ve done in the past but would like to see it again.


The upcoming fundraisers were discussed

-Script You can purchase Gift Cards from many local businesses and a percentage of sales goes back to the school, but you still get the full value of Gift Card purchased. First Script Order due Friday October 5th and the first Friday of every month after.

-Chinook Books are currently available to purchase both app and hard copy of the books are able to be purchased and the school gets credit of 50% of sales.

Questions? Contact Alyssa, (503)702-6809 or


-Target and Fred Myers rewards allows you to link an organization to have a percentage of your purchases or points earned to the non profit and you can select Le Monde Immersion to be donated to.


-Run for the Arts Happens October 3rd, and is the major fundraiser for the schools Arts budget all funds earned by the fundraising goes to support both Art Teacher and activities like field trips to plays. They are looking for volunteers or parents to just show up and support the kids during the run.


Questions? Contact Karla Bean (mom to Zane in 7th and Ella in 4th) Or Michal McCamman (mom to Ian in 6th, Rhys in 5th and Toby in 2nd)


Agenda for 2016-10-26

  1. Introductions
  2. Introduction/explanation of Le Monde Parents
  3. Election of new “Parents Chair”
  4. Discussion of activities for 2016/17.  Current activities include:  first Friday coffees, science fair, staff appreciation week, other possibilities, past activities
  5. Discuss meeting dates/times/location
  6. Vote on Meeting Schedule & Absentee Ballot Amendment from May 22 Meeting
  7. Consider closing Google Group and linking to the Le Monde Families Facebook group that is not officially affiliated with Le Monde Parents.

Minutes for 2016-05-22

Le Monde Parents
Regular Meeting
Sunday, May 22, 2016
about 1:00 – about 1:30 p.m.

Wallace Park
Portland, Oregon

In attendance: C. David Maxey, Phil Duong, Kristen Meyers, Diane Henkels, and several other parents

Le Monde Parents Business

Annual Report

A brief review of the year’s activities was presented.


C. David Maxey was elected to Chair, and Diane Henkels was elected to Vice-Chair. There were no nominations for Secretary.

Meetings Schedule & Absentee Ballot Amendment

The Meeting Schedule & Absentee Ballot Amendment was proposed in writing as shown below:

Article IV. Section 2. Nominations and Elections. Council elections will be held in May or June each year. The Election Committee shall accept nominations from members for each office and present the candidates at the previous meeting. At that meeting, nominations may also be made from the floor. All members present at the May meeting in May or June shall vote by secret ballot. Members not present at the May meeting in May or June may submit email a secret ballot with their name and email address for ballot verification to a designated member of the Election Committee during school hours on the day of before the election meeting. Members of the Election Committee shall collect and count the votes. The candidate in each office receiving the most votes cast shall be elected to that office. The Election Committee shall announce the results of the election within three calendar days following the election.

Article V. Section 1. Regular Meetings. The regular meeting of the group shall be at a time and place determined by the Chair. Regular meetings shall be held at least quarterly in the quarters ending in October, January, and April. The annual meeting is a regular meeting to be held in May or June. The annual meeting is for receiving reports, electing next year’s Council members, and conducting other business that should arise. The Secretary will notify the members of the meetings at least one month prior to the meeting.

Adjourn Le Monde PArents Business
C. David Maxey, Chair; Phil Duong, Vice-Chair; Kristen Meyers, Secretary

Minutes for 2016-04-18

Le Monde Parents
Regular Meeting
Monday, April 18, 2016
about 4:00 – about 5:00 p.m.

Lucky Lab Brew Pub
915 SE Hawthorne Blvd.
Portland, Oregon

In attendance: C. David Maxey, Phil Duong, Kristen Meyers, and several other parents

Le Monde Parents Business

Introductions of Attending Parents
Family Directory

Mel Downie Robinson has volunteered to manage the family directory data. She will assist Le Monde Parents with taking the data and organizing it into a PDF that will be periodically shared with Le Monde Parents subscribers. An email was sent out for parents to update information by April 18 and a newly updated directory will be emailed to Le Monde Parents subscribers by mid May.

Parent feedback included a request to keep the data in PDF format and to continue to organize it by teacher/classroom.

Spring Potluck Planning

The potluck is scheduled for Sunday, May 22nd from 12-3pm at Wallace Park. A Sign Up Genius will be created by Kristen Meyers to organize potluck items. Le Monde Parents will hold a short meeting from 1-1:30pm and Le Monde Parents Council Elections will be held at this time.

Staff Appreciation Week Planning

The week of May 2-6 is Staff Appreciation. Several ideas were generated for ways to show our appreciation to Le Monde Staff. Kristen Meyers will take the lead in organizing communication about Staff Appreciation week. The week’s schedule will follow this format:

Monday: Flowers (student brings 1-2 flowers to be added to collective vase(s)

Tuesday: Thank You Cards (students bring their cards. A list of staff names/duties will be provided so families can be sure to make cards for staff)

Wednesday: Sign Up Genius Breakfast Items

Thursday: Gift Card distribution

Friday: Nothing planned at this time but can be open to suggestions if parent offers service or idea.

A Sign Up Genius will be created with a list of ideas that were generated by parents in attendance tonight. Parents can go to the Sign Up Genius and elect how they would like to participate (volunteer services, purchase a gift card, or offer other ideas). It was decided that it would be more equitable if the purchased gift cards were collected and then equally divided among teaching staff. One person from each class will be identified to collect the gift cards to give to Kristen Meyers or C. David Maxey for final distribution.

Nominations for Chair, Vice-chair and Secretary to Le Monde Parents Council

There was one nomination for Chair: C. David Maxey

There was one nomination for Vice-Chair: Diane Henkels

There were no nominations for Secretary

Other Non-Agenda Items
  • One parent suggested that “class parents” should be required to attend Le Monde Parent Meetings to encourage more information sharing and involvement.
  • A discussion about the Le Monde Parents meeting times was reviewed again with overall goal to find best meeting time to ensure that larger number parents could be available to attend. C. David Maxey agrees to check with school to see if using school space is an option again. Also discussed offering childcare and pizza and to hold the meeting at 6pm or 6:30pm.
  • The French Culture Committee provided an update about an upcoming event hosted by the school on June 4. The event will be in place of the previous years Iron Chef event and will offer fundraising via an auction along with french culture, regional food, wine tasting, childcare and other fun events. The school will be notifying parents via email shortly.
C. David Maxey, Chair; Phil Duong, Vice-Chair; Kristen Meyers, Secretary