Super Bowl-ing

Le Monde families had a wonderful time bowling together after early release on Friday. We were able to raise $559 for the school and have a lot of fun!

Parents bowled or got to relax and chat with other parents while the kids had a blast bowling.

We are always on the lookout for more fun social events like this. Shoot us an email if you have any ideas.


Science Fair!!

The Science Fair will be on April 24th, 2019 from 4-6pm in the Burnside Gym.

Teachers emailed the Science Fair Packet Feb 1. Please email Jen, if you didn’t receive one.

Grades 3 and up can participate in the Science Fair. It is a family focused event where parents can work alongside kids to spark their interest in the sciences!

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February 1 – Science Fair Packets available.

February 19 – Proposals Due!

March 4 – Proposals with comments returned to students.

March-April – Students work on projects.

April 24 – SCIENCE FAIR!

February 13: PA Meeting/School Board Meeting

We will meet before the school board meeting on Wednesday, February 13 at Kells Irish Restaurant downtown (112 SW 2nd Ave, 97204). We will have a social time from 5-5:30pm. From there, we will walk over to the school board meeting that begins at 5:45pm in the Mercy Corp building (45 SW Ankeny, Portland, OR). Anyone is welcome to attend school board meetings.

If you have any questions or need help you can contact or text Auburn at 707-954-8862 or email

Minutes 2019-01-16 PA Meeting

Auburn Wise – Chair

Jen Stack – Vice Chair

Jo Anne Rodgers – Secretary

Parent Association Meeting Minutes:  January 16, 2019

Meeting began at 7pm

Grand Central Bowling in February:

Stephanie Sherman has volunteered to lead the event.  She is in communication with Grand Central Bowl. Waiting for update.  Perhaps it doesn’t happen in February, could try another early release day later in the year.  

Science Fair:

On a Saturday or after school?  

International Day happens on a Saturday, we could do the Science Fair similarly.  

In the past, the Science Fair has been after school, with set up happening towards the end of the school day.  All classes will be able to see the Science Fair (even the younger children) if we hold it after school. Gets everyone involved in some way.  

How to handle two locations?  Is there a better way to find out which students will be submitting projects and participating in the Science Fair?  Children who are participating from Neri will have to go to Burnside after school and won’t be able to set up early. Alternatively, there will be a Science Fair at each location.  

Settled on having Science Fair after school, not on a Saturday.  

Fundraising for Musical Instruments for new Music teacher:

We can fundraise outside the Le Monde community, but not within.  Let’s follow up with Shouka and see if we can have families donate actual instruments instead of money.  For instance, put out an email for ukelele donations and see how many we can collect.

Le Fete:

Parent Association will help with day of set up of Le Fete.  Summer Camp theme. Will be looking for 10 – 15 volunteers. Follow up with Jacqui Brock to see if there are any additional details, otherwise we will just be asking volunteers to show up.


Ask Shouka if we can clean carpets and classrooms at Neri.  Then send out sign-up genius to get volunteers if we get the okay.  Parent at Le Monde willing to lend carpet cleaner. Use eco-friendly cleaning products.  Lice companies usually come out to schools for assessments for free.

Community Events:

Humane Society – super fun.  The kids were very involved in this event.  Doing most of the cooking with parents supporting.  Cat toys were cute. Will be doing a write up for the event in the next couple of weeks.

Children’s Book Bank – the boxes are up at both locations.  People have already started donating at Neri. The volunteer event is full.  Read-a-thon will be happening toward the end of January.

Have Friends of Trees volunteer opportunity coming up in April.  Need to schedule an event for March and May. There will be no Community event in June.

Board Meeting:

Find out when the February board meeting will be.  Plan to have short PA meeting before the board meeting.  Jen Stack will make sure to email about getting a short amount of time on the board agenda.

Screenagers review/discussion:

Screenagers Movie was a success! Many parents and kids from Le Monde attended the movie on January 9th at the Clinton Street Theater. There was a great discussion afterwards.

There are many resources parents can use or adapt for use in their families.

Below are links to some of those resources that can be helpful to use with our children.

A contract can be used to help train kids about safe cell phone or device use. It is good to create a contract with your child so that both parents and children agree and understand the terms.

There are many apps available to help parents set up healthy screen time boundaries for their kids. Apple has come out with a built in Screen Time that can be controlled from the parent’s device. Android has similar capabilities called Digital Wellbeing found within settings. If parents want to have access to their child’s device from their android device they will have to download Google’s Family Link. Amazon offers a pay service with children’s programs and parental controls called FreeTime.

Meeting adjourned at 8pm.

Agenda for the January LMPA Meeting

Wednesday, January 16, 2019


7007 SW 4th Ave Portland OR 97219

Le Monde Parents’ Purpose and Mission

The purpose of the Association is to foster a positive spirit within the Le Monde community of parents, students, and teachers/staff as well as to assist the school in its efforts to provide the best educational opportunities and assistance to the students.

Children are welcome.

Meeting Agenda

Social Time from 6:30-7pm

Begin Meeting at 7pm   

  1. Introductions (5min)
  2. Discussion of upcoming events and volunteer opportunities (25min)
    • Grand Central Bowl (Friday, Feb 15, early release day)
    • Science Fair (April TBD)
    • BBQ (Possible year end staff appreciation BBQ)
    • La Fete (Saturday, May 18)
      • PA is committing to volunteering at the event
  3. Community Events Update (10min)
  4. Looking for parents to get the word out about the Weekly Snack Schedule (5min)
  5. Review of film, “Screenagers” and how parents can manage screen time for our kids. (15min)

Meet adjourns at 8pm

Minutes from Parents Meeting

November 28, 2018  

Winter Dance, Dec. 1st

Winter Dance signup here.

Craft table needs a volunteer – Jo Anne

Sweets table – Eva, Jen Moore

Balloon pop – prize inside, raffle ticket inside. Balloons released, pop them, keep the prize.

Basketball court – Chris Miller

Uniform exchange – includes a winter clothing and fancy dress exchange

Popcorn machine – Chris S

We need people to come early for Set-up

Grand Central Bowl, Feb. 15th

Looking for someone to run this event. Please email Jen at if you’d like to help.

$15/individual ticket, $30/family ticket

Sign up sheet – indicate cheese or pepperoni

Order pizza early

Weekly staff snacks – How can we advertise this? We don’t think all families know about it and there is some confusion as to what to bring. Need a couple people to post sign-up sheet after school and one hanging at each location. Get written/verbal permission from school. More specific in details about what snacks to bring.

Signups for weekly snacks: Burnside, Division

La Fete – Saturday, May 18th – Summer Camp theme

Lagunitas Rec room, Broadway in between NE 2nd and 3rd.

Same ticket price likely, $75/ticket, $50/ticket for teachers. Price not likely to change.

Can we lift the limit value of the online auction?

There is only a class art project, not individuals

La Foire group will be assigned a task

PA will be assigned a task

Need to up the attendance

Petite Fete might be coming back for $20 – $25. AFCA will offer the childcare for this.

Both in-person and online way to purchase tickets

Procurement – everyone can help – wine tastings, work out places, grocery stores, any season ticket holders, host a party

Screenagers – Jan. 8th at Clinton theater, 7pm – 8:30pm


Documentary about the effects of screens on children.

See the trailer and more information here.

Ran out of time to hold discussion on current ways parents can help limit or guide children’s screen time.

Map testing

Adaptive test, adapts questions being asked based on how child is answering questions. ie. If child is getting many questions correct, the test will adapt to start asking harder questions to assess the child’s level.

No time limit while testing which helps kids not feel test anxiety

The results of the test are immediate. Helps teachers know where their students are at and helps them develop their lesson plans.

Find out more information here.

SOLVE, Eastside Cleanup

Successful event with SOLVE!

On Saturday, September 29th families picked up litter with SOLVE and did graffiti abatement with the City of Portland Graffiti Abatement team.

This was a statewide event with 139 project sites focusing on beaches and riversides. Our group met at a site on the Central Eastside of Portland and volunteered with other from around the city to clean up the riverfront.  All in all, there were 64 adults and 37 youth volunteering that day.
  • Approximately 17,000 cigarette butts recycled
  • 560 pounds of trash removed
Thank you so much for volunteering and making our city a better place to be!