Staff Appreciation Week Starts Monday, April 26

Staff Appreciation Week is April 26-30 

A friendly reminder to pick some flowers from your garden, or purchase a few loose flowers to bring on Monday. Also have your kids make cards this weekend to bring in Tuesday-Thursday.

You all donated above and beyond the goal, thank you! The extra funds will be used to buy snacks for the staff. We will be purchasing $50 gift cards and a sweet for each person, woohoo! 

Monday: Flowers
Let’s start the week with some flowers the staff can enjoy all week. Students can bring a few loose flowers that will be placed in vases around the school and in classrooms. 

Tuesday through Thursday: Virtual or Homemade Cards
Students can send virtual or homemade cards to teachers and staff. Here are some fun prompts students can use to send something each day:

My favorite thing about my teacher (or staff member) is __________.

My favorite class (school) memory is ___________.

I remember making you proud when I ______________.

Friday: Gift Cards & Sweet Treats
We will give $50 gift cards and a sweet treat to teachers and staff (picking something from their favorite things).

Thank you Le Monde community for your generous support and appreciation shown for our teachers and staff!

Jen Stack & Jo Anne Rodgers
Le Monde Parent Community