Get Your Science On!

The Parents’ Community is putting on the 5th Annual Science Fair on Wednesday, April 22, 2020, 4-6pm.

The Science Fair is voluntary for kids in grades 3 and up.  Kids will work on the majority of their projects outside of school. They can choose to do an experiment or a scientific research paper. Students should use a tri-fold poster board (or anything that can stand on its own) to display their project during the Fair. Kids may work with parents on these projects and up to 3 students can work together in a group on a single project.

To register for the Fair, proposals must be submitted via this online form. It is identical to the supplemental Proposal for Scientific Investigation worksheet. Proposals must be submitted online by Monday, February 10th.

The Science Fair Packet includes:

  • Science Fair Timeline with important dates and information on how to participate.
  • Guidelines for Parents with helpful tips on how to help (but not too much!) their kids with a project.
  • Supplemental Proposal for Scientific Investigation worksheet for those who would like to first fill out a paper version.

NOTE: We are still looking for parents with a scientific background to review proposals and also projects during the Fair. If you are interested in helping out. We would really appreciate it!