Agenda for the March LMPA Meeting

Wednesday, March 13 — 6:30-8pm


Pix Patisserie – 2225 E Burnside St

Hang out, get a glass of wine or delicious dessert and learn what’s happening in our community and how you can get involved.

Le Monde Parents’ Purpose and Mission

The purpose of the Association is to foster a positive spirit within the Le Monde community of parents, students, and teachers/staff as well as to assist the school in its efforts to provide the best educational opportunities and assistance to the students.C

Meeting Agenda

Begin Meeting at 6:30pm   

  1. Introductions (5min)
  2. Discussion of upcoming events and volunteer opportunities (30min)
    • Staff Appreciation Week planning (April 29-March 3)
    • Staff BBQ ideas, location, planning…The PA wants to host a BBQ for the staff and teachers. 
  3. Community Events Update (5min)
  4. Discussion about the location of playgrounds for next year. There is some concern about a playground being next to the gas station fumes. (10min)

Meet adjourns at 8pm