Le Monde Families Making a Difference With Oregon Food Bank

Le Monde family volunteers coming in hot again at the Oregon Food Bank last Saturday, December 8th!  Our numbers were super strong (50 plus) with the enthusiasm and work ethic showing for the entire two and a half hours!  Even our youngest volunteers were scooping that blueberry granola until the very end.   

The music was rocking.  I noticed the buzz reach a fever pitch about half way through – parents were chatting and singing, kids were swaying their hips and bobbing their heads, and everyone was working hard to get through 8,290 pounds of granola which we unpacked and repackaged!  Every table went through all their boxes – we got the job done!  Which in real life terms looks like 6,903 meals created.  That’s 76 meals per volunteer.   Each person at this event made a really big difference in our community in a very short amount of time.

You all are such a pleasure to work with, to give back with.  Thank you so much for generously giving your time and efforts, and for teaching your children to do the same.  I’m really wearing my heart on my sleeve for this community!  Happy Holidays everyone; I hope to see you all very soon in the new year.  Let’s make a commitment to keep stepping up where we are needed in 2019.   

Jo Anne Rodgers  – Le Monde Parents Association