Minutes from Parents Meeting

November 28, 2018  

Winter Dance, Dec. 1st

Winter Dance signup here.

Craft table needs a volunteer – Jo Anne

Sweets table – Eva, Jen Moore

Balloon pop – prize inside, raffle ticket inside. Balloons released, pop them, keep the prize.

Basketball court – Chris Miller

Uniform exchange – includes a winter clothing and fancy dress exchange

Popcorn machine – Chris S

We need people to come early for Set-up

Grand Central Bowl, Feb. 15th

Looking for someone to run this event. Please email Jen at jenstack@gmail.com if you’d like to help.

$15/individual ticket, $30/family ticket

Sign up sheet – indicate cheese or pepperoni

Order pizza early

Weekly staff snacks – How can we advertise this? We don’t think all families know about it and there is some confusion as to what to bring. Need a couple people to post sign-up sheet after school and one hanging at each location. Get written/verbal permission from school. More specific in details about what snacks to bring.

Signups for weekly snacks: Burnside, Division

La Fete – Saturday, May 18th – Summer Camp theme

Lagunitas Rec room, Broadway in between NE 2nd and 3rd.

Same ticket price likely, $75/ticket, $50/ticket for teachers. Price not likely to change.

Can we lift the limit value of the online auction?

There is only a class art project, not individuals

La Foire group will be assigned a task

PA will be assigned a task

Need to up the attendance

Petite Fete might be coming back for $20 – $25. AFCA will offer the childcare for this.

Both in-person and online way to purchase tickets

Procurement – everyone can help – wine tastings, work out places, grocery stores, any season ticket holders, host a party

Screenagers – Jan. 8th at Clinton theater, 7pm – 8:30pm


Documentary about the effects of screens on children.

See the trailer and more information here.

Ran out of time to hold discussion on current ways parents can help limit or guide children’s screen time.

Map testing

Adaptive test, adapts questions being asked based on how child is answering questions. ie. If child is getting many questions correct, the test will adapt to start asking harder questions to assess the child’s level.

No time limit while testing which helps kids not feel test anxiety

The results of the test are immediate. Helps teachers know where their students are at and helps them develop their lesson plans.

Find out more information here.