Minutes for 2015-06-01

Le Monde Parents Regular Meeting
Monday, June 1, 2015
about 4:00 – about 5:15 p.m.

Lucky Lab Beer Hall
1945 NW Quimby St.
Portland, Oregon

In attendance: C. David Maxey, and several other parents

Le Monde Parents Business

Introductions of attending parents
Special Election for vacant 2015-2016 Le Monde Parents Council (i.e., Vice-Chair, and Secretary) conducted by the Elections Committee

Anish Karmarkar, on behalf of the Elections Committee, requested nominations for vacant Le Monde Parents Council positions.

Phil Duong was elected unanimously to Vice-Chair.
Nobody ran for Secretary.

Fall Potluck

Kristen, Korina, and Charles volunteered to help organize a Fall Potluck.

Incoming Kindergartener Playdates in July and August

Korina will organize 2 playdates over the summer–one in July and one in August before the Blue Lake event.

Science Fair

Greg Zupan presented Science Fair plans, that Le Monde Parents is organizing  Discussed funding options. Will prepare brief proposal and upon approval of the proposal, seek funding from science-based companies.

Family Directory and Carpooling

Add a checkbox for francophone and an optional 140-character “expertise” field to family directory. Require either an address or neighborhood for family directory. Encourage participation. Charles noted that PPS just gives out a family directory with addresses and phone numbers. David will explore this.

Discussed previous carpooling website used by Le Monde Parents, and other possibilities. David will explore this with Korina and Amber.

French Culture and Parent Education Activities

Discussed having more French Culture and Parent Education activities next year. Discussed finding French-speaking parents to help with this.

Adjourn Le Monde Parents’ business.


C. David Maxey, Chair; MJ Christopher, Vice-Chair; Laurie Hager, Secretary