Minutes for 2014-11-04

Le Monde Parents Regular Meeting
Tuesday, November 4, 2014
5:30-6:45 p.m.
at 1010 SW 13th Ave, Portland, Oregon

Le Monde Parents’ Purpose and Mission

The purpose of the Association is to foster a positive spirit within the Le Monde community of parents, students, and teachers/staff as well as to assist the school in its efforts to provide the best educational opportunities and assistance to the students. Therefore, the mission of the Association shall be:

  • Community Building
  • Parent Education
  • School Spirit
  • School Support

At all times, the Association will cooperate and consult with the school administration to ensure that the nature of its activities and the manner and timing of its contributions are consistent with the School’s educational purpose and needs.

Le Monde Parents Business

David read Mission
Introductions of attending parents

Talked about how to sign up for committees on the website and signup genius

Need help with:

  • Social Events
  • Hospitality
  • Parent Education
  • French Culture and Enrichment
  • School Support (to organize volunteers for the school – like for the library, etc.  Make sure we are doing things in a way that is helpful to the school and fulfilling their needs
  • Communications (IT stuff)
  • Library Committee

A parent asked about whether we can collect fees to plan event.  We discussed issues regarding having a treasury.  Ways to collect money for events.  People will ask at other schools that do not have PTAs, and just have Parent Associations, do to account for this.  Talk about setting up a “scholarship” fund for parents that cannot afford events.  Richmond School has a foundation set up by parents to send the kids to Japan.

Portland Homeless Family Solutions is next door to the school.  It’s a day shelter that provides shelter for families with children.  A first grade parent writes grants for them and could be a liaison.

Five people are interested in helping with the Portland Homeless Family Solutions.

For the Spring, possibly helping a family clean up their yards.

How do we get more parent participation and get more people involved including kindergarten parents.  Explored ideas for getting the word out to parents who are not subscribed.  Can we send home flyers regarding meetings and events.  What about the bulletin board in the hall for announcements.  A lot of parents don’t know about the meetings.

Putting minutes and agenda into newsletter. We got Newsletter volunteers.

Can we meet the head of school?  We can ask the school to set up a town hall or other meeting to set this up.

Suggestions concerning advocating for different issues.  Reminded parents to first go through the entire flow chart.  Don’t want Le Monde Parents to become a place to complain about different things.  That will turn people off.  A parent agreed.  Use Le Monde Parents for building community so people can meet each other and share experiences.

SoccerShots or Organized Sports

SoccerShots free clinic planned for Sept 2015. Too hard to organize a school-related sport.  Trackers is an option because they pick up the kids by bus from the school.  Potential option if there is enough interest.  $35/day.  Need at least 7 kids.  Need to organize it over the summer for the following year.  Put on agenda for Spring to revisit.  One with Heart also does the bussing and after school activities (Pokalon).

Potential events for sports/social events with kids:  Portland Futsal on SE Powell and Indoor Bike Park – the Lumberyard on 82nd Ave.

Nicole Nadeau’s Free Fundraising Presentation

Chinook Book
Amazon Smile and IGive

C. David Maxey, Chair; MJ Christopher, Vice-Chair; Laurie Hager, Secretary